Cheergrey welcomes Quickfund Limited and we are very pleased they have selected Water Circle. This iconic, contemporary, well-positioned and efficient building provides them with a special environment in the heart of City Meadows. Their new office will provide inspiration to their teams, clients and friends.

‘Due to the enormous success of our funding solution, to support the rapid expansion of the business and reflect our growing status in the market, we have taken this opportunity to relocate and re-brand our business’.
– Gary Keeley Managing Director, Quickfund Limited

Quickfund is an exceptional product and we always pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and we have been surprised by the huge demand we have created. The rate of expansion of Quickfund along with the growing number of returning customers means we need to expand our operations and are extremely pleased to have secured a fantastic and high tech environment such as Water Circle to further our success story. This will mean an even better, quicker and more efficient service.